Step into My Parlour

Step into My Parlour

One day while Michelle and her sister Laura were having biscuits, cakes, club orange and chatting a mile to the dozen, they came up with an idea by accident. It evolved into Michelle’s sell out 2012 Edinburgh Fringe Festival Show ‘Step into my Parlour’.

This show is a collection of songs from the Irish tradition interspersed with stories, memories and tales in a quirky inviting parlour setting. Many of these tales came from a dusty scrapbook lying in the attic of their granddads workshop. The newspaper clippings collected by their great granny found in this cobwebbed musty gem become an integral part of the show. Live performances also incorporate art installations created by Laura Burke.

Videos from the show are now available on the Media Page.

Step into My Parlour Michelle and Laura Wanda

New Album - Coming Soon

New Album - Coming Soon

8th July 2020
Hello, I’ve been working away mad for 18 months on a new record with Duke Special at the helm producing. I’m very excited to unveil this project soon!

Nashville Boots

The Hillman Hunter

The Hillman Hunter

Commissioned by Capital Theatres, Edinburgh

A specially crafted dementia friendly performance by singer Michelle Burke with pianist James Ross, directed by Gerda Stevenson and set design by Jess Brettle.

Inspired by a family story, this music show is based around events that took place in 1969, gleaned around Michelle’s Grandad Albert who lived in Cork and her Grand-Uncle Pat who had previously emigrated to San Francisco. Pat send word that he intended to come home on holidays in the summer and asked his brother Albert to buy him a car for his jaunt. Albert haggled for a good deal and bought Pat a Hillman Hunter.

Alberts family were fierce excited the Hillman Hunter was parked outside the house for months awaiting the visitors from America. Albert could not drive but that didn’t stop him and his family having trips in the car they would all pile in and imagine they were off on spins and adventures. The excitement peaked for Albert and his family on the 21st July 1969, the very day Neil Armstrong was pictured walking on the moon, Uncle Pat arrived home and the Hillman Hunter took its maiden voyage.

Join us on a heart-warming, colourful and humorous journey in the Hillman Hunter.

Two Goofey Kids

Education & Workshops

Education & Workshops

Michelle is an experienced music educator and has worked as a singing teacher and workshop facilator for many organisations and groups over the years.

In June 2013 Michelle was commissioned by Enterprise Music Scotland’s small traditional arts fund to pilot a project for creative work with older people. Michelle tailored the framework of the show ‘Step into my Parlour’ and delivered a series of workshops in Corstorphine Dementia project and Murrayfield Care home in Edinburgh.
This model involves a series of reminiscence workshops in which participants can access their own stories and memories to create their own ‘parlour’. The project includes: singing together, dancing, visual art, crafts (e.g. knitting), storytelling, sharing memories and experiences.

In November 2013 Michelle was commissioned by Aberdeen Council’s, Creative Communities to deliver a 4 week Arts project based on the ‘Step into my Parlour’ model.

Michelle worked with Scots Music Group’s Inspire Project (2010-2011). The project worked in partnership with homeless and mental health charities in Edinburgh to broaden access to traditional music, and to create new music in collaboration with the participants. Michelle delivered workshops in two projects, a mental health drop-in centre and a charity working with young people affected by homelessness. Michelle was also commissioned to write new music involving participants.

Michelle has delivered workshops and taught with the following organisations:

  • Loretto Secondary School, Musselburgh
  • Feis Rois
  • Edinburgh Youth Gaitherin’
  • Care for Carer’s
  • American International School, Lusaka, Zambia
  • Scot’s Music Group
  • Mid- Lothian Council
  • Y2K Drop–in Centre, Easthouses
  • HorseCross Voices- Perth
  • Corstorphine Dementia Project, Edinburgh
  • Murrayfield Care Home, Edinburgh
  • Aberdeen Creative Communities
  • Scottish Storytelling Centre, Edinburgh
  • The Rock Trust, Edinburgh
  • The Stafford Centre, Edinburgh

To enquire about music workshops or singing lessons contact:

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